Joana Johnston

Joana spent the early years of her career using her artistic flair for creating Boutique Accommodation Properties and innovative Events, catering to the many highly demanding corporate clients in her portfolio.

Feeling the need for a change in direction, she left the corporate world to bring her passion and expertise into her artistic practice and fell in love with art all over again.

I just love working with various mediums such as resin, acrylics, oils and wax, often combining several mediums to add extra intrigue to my abstract creations.

Joana Johnston

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Joana’s passion and expertise clearly shows in Joana’s art and life – with a keen sense of colour and creativity, her artistic style is bold, bright and joyous.

Joana loves working with various medias such as resin, acrylics, oils, encaustic and Yupo sculpture, adding extra intrigue to her abstract creations.