John “Stinker” Clarke

John is a retired school teacher who has lived in Fingal Bay for over 40 years. He has a genuine love and respect for the area which becomes obvious if you read his weekly Port Stephens ‘Examiner’ fishing column or listened to his reports on ABC Radio.

John is well known in the community for his involvement in environmental issues. Fishing was his first sporting love and he remains passionate to this day. To call fishing a sport is a misnomer according to “Stinker” – fishing is a way of life.

Fishing is a way of life. It’s just something that you do. In sport there is some type of structure, generally an opponent and a result, a score, a winner and a loser. In fishing, to my way of thinking, there are no losers. Everyone wins a prize whether you can catch a fish or not. The prize is the recreational experience which can be even more valuable if you share that time with someone.

John Clarke

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More about John

For the past 20 years John has been writing books on fishing, local history and more recently books for children. 

Books about the local area and fishing spots include Something Fishy, Broughton Islanders, FISH Port Stephens, Old Salt, Oysterman and The Outer Light. His children’s books include Stinkpot, Clarabelle and Kerosene Tin Jim, and are illustrated by our very talented Ileana Clarke!