Kimberly Swan

Kimberly is a visual artist and illustrator now living in Maitland. Her biggest inspirations are the natural environments of the world and its flora and fauna. With some background education in graphic design, Kimberly is also influenced by graphic trends, street art and more underground and unpolished emerging artists.

Art is the only way I know how to make sense of the world and to also find peace within it.

Kimberly Swan

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More about Kimberly

Working in a variety of mediums such as acrylic, inks and watercolours, Kimberly often combines them together with other drawing mediums to create unique works. She doesn’t confine herself to one particular medium and enjoys the creative freedom of working without boundaries.

Kimberly has studied natural history illustration, graphic design and arts through universities and TAFE and practices art in various mediums leaning towards acrylics, inks and drawing mediums often mixing the mediums together. Kimberly is inspired by nature and her natural surroundings. Often using bold colours and incorporating graphic elements to create unique and dynamic pieces.

Kimberly has showcased her work in exhibitions in Cooks Hill, Newcastle, Nelson Bay and has won various awards for her illustrations and artworks. Her creative processes involve a mix of scientific studies, creative experimentation and intuitive abstraction. 

“I work on all types of surfaces but I’m always drawn back to working on paper, enjoying the versatility and portability. I appreciate the process of stripping ideas right back to basics before moving forward onto canvas or board.”

Kimberly Swan