OFF THE WALL exhibition, October 11th – November 2021

Di Lucas and Peter Masters
Art to Wear


OFF THE WALL is a collaborative exhibition between Artisan Collective Port Stephens photographer Peter Masters and Nelson Bay based textile artist Di Lucas. OFF THE WALL showcases the fun side of textiles with wearable art.

Many of our regulars to the gallery will be familiar with Peter Masters and his fine art and conceptual photography, with our guest artist this month a welcome introduction – Di Lucas.

Di Lucas is a textile artist based in Nelson Bay NSW, and a wonderful contributor to the art community. We are so excited to be able to showcase her wearable art and collaborative exhibition in the Gallery for the entire month of August.

This field of wearable art has a long history in the United States. In the 1960’s, painter K Lee Manuel realised that if she cut a hole in the centre of her canvas, her painting could be worn like a poncho. Wearable art was born.

Di’s personal vision for her one of a kind works is to make a statement. It is not fashion. It is not commercial. It is using the form of garments to create art as a means of expression. A mannequin is taken as a blank canvas, offering infinite possibilities for pattern, design, colour and texture and the result is a wearable sculpture.

Di is a proponent of the popular use of assemblage in art making, using a wide range of traditional materials and found objects. Her object is the creation of clothing related forms that colour our world and look at clothing through a fresh lens. Her opulent works have roots and connections in fine arts, fibre arts, craft, performance and fashion.

The work is adventurous and creative and embraces a range of cultural influences. In the end we are seeing Di’s personal journey – the intricacy, the intensity and the cathartic journey of using your hands to create something that is a marvel of craftwork.

Artisan Collective Port Stephens October 2021