Our Story

In 2016 Port Stephens Council approached some local makers and artists with the idea of creating a group collective to showcase their art to the wider public in a collaborative manner.

It was envisaged to be a space where the efforts of local artists and makers would come together to support a commercial enterprise of a retail shop front. There were examples in Newcastle and other areas of this type of initiative to learn from and be inspired by. The catalyst was the Port Stephens Smart Arts program; a partnership between Port Stephens Council, Octapod and The Business Centre Newcastle.

With the help of the council, vacant premises were found and the members of the collective had a home. In 2017 they were located on Magnus St in Nelson Bay’s CBD, where an empty shop was activated and transformed into a culturally vibrant gallery and retail space, selling unique local works of art. At the end of 2018 this space needed to be vacated, and a new location was sought. After approaching D’Albora Marina Nelson Bay, the current space was activated…


Our story continues…

Whilst open, there have been other projects that have been initiated from the space of Artisan Collective, such as ‘Dress up Nelson Bay’. This is a project that happened with the cooperation of shop owners and estate agents, where bare shopfronts were decorated to show local art and hand made products. In this project dead spaces were activated, beautified and made available for locals and tourists to stroll by and enjoy.

Artisan Collective PS has also held workshops, exhibitions and artist talks to share the passion for their art.

Our group dynamic where participation is encouraged fosters a dynamic where new ideas are encouraged and supported, with the aim of growing the awareness of the local creative talent of Port Stephens, and strengthening the artistic and economical place of all the arts in our community.


Our Vision

We are interested in creating a community art space to enrich the cultural identity of Port Stephens. Artists and makers work on their own projects but also collaborate with others, have conversations about each other’s work and breed a dynamic vibe.

Artists and makers also engage with the larger community, offering the public their products to buy. We would like to make a place where the art is paramount and the atmosphere is welcoming – a professional place where local artists, visiting artists, emerging artists and established artists mingle.

Our goal is the building of an artistic community through socialisation thereby removing the often-isolating effect of working as an artist.

Through this space we will strengthen the artistic and economical place of all the arts in the local community.


D'albora Marinas
6 Teramby Road
Nelson Bay NSW


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7 days a week


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