Rhea Murray

Rheannon (Rhea) Murray is the owner and creative behind the natural skincare brand, Tahi and Rose Skinfood. Rhea joined the collective in 2017 with her handcrafted, boutique range of skincare.

Tahi and Rose Skinfood was created from the need to find natural solutions for her family, after years of formulating products for private use, the demand for her organic based skincare grew, in particular the Skin Saver Balm that was created to help her daughter heal during her long battle with Red Skin Syndrome/ Topical Steroid Withdrawals.

“Less is more when it comes to our skincare, we don’t need an entire bathroom filled with different products. Investing in a handful of multipurpose products, made from high quality ingredients (that are literally good enough to eat) should be all that’s needed.
Keep it simple, keep it natural and keep it real”

Rhea Murray, Tahi and Rose Skinfood

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More about Rhea

Rhea is a creative at heart, and has always enjoyed the peace, relaxation and healing that creative practices provide. An advocate for using art to express, to heal, to calm and to connect, Rhea can often be found in her studio creating with her children, especially with her daughter Iylah-Rose who loves nothing more than to make make make!

Rhea’s artworks appear in the gallery, often joining the other artists in group exhibitions and breaking out of her comfort zone to share her creations. She works with alcohol inks, mixed media, collage and acrylics. She has the desire to evolve her artistic practice into more eco friendly forms of creating, including foraging pigments and creating natural paints in the future.

November 2021 will see Rhea join creative forces with Gennifer Anderson and exhibit in the AC Alcove space with their joint exhibition: Ponder, an open invitation to slow down and ponder about what inspires creativity and forging the time for mindful making.

“The question is always asked,
“Are you an artist?”
and I always stop and smile, because there is no doubt we are all artists, some of us have just grown up and forgotten the joy of creating, so I always aswer with
“aren’t we all?

Rheannon Murray

Rhea finds her greatest inspiration from nature, and being surrounded by the abundance of natural beauty here in Port Stephens (above and below the water). She is always capturing the natural world around her, either through art or through photography.