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August 2022


Two of Port Stephen’s well-loved artists, Nanette Basser and Ileana Clarke, will join forces to exhibit at Artisan Collective Port Stephens for the month of August. Their exhibition is titled ‘Portraits of the Bay’ and will have paintings of our beautiful area and environment.

Nanette Basser is a painter that has exhibited internationally in Hong Kong and Singapore. Nanette has also been selected to be hung in the Wynne Prize national award for Australian landscape painters, where she received a Highly Commended Award for her entry.

Ileana Clarke has exhibited in solo and mixed shows over the last 30 years and has several art prizes and awards in her career. Ileana’s work has been published in ‘International Contemporary Artists’ magazine and most recently she was the winner of the pencil and ink section in the Singleton Art Prize. 

Nanette and Ileana have been meeting up to paint together for works especially for this exhibition, where local scenes will be featured and interpreted in their unique styles. 

Nanette and Ileana will be hosting an artist talk and opening of the exhibition on Saturday 6th August at 2pm.  

July 2022


June 2022


A diverse showcase of the members of Artisan Collective Port Stephens with the theme ‘WILD’. From painting, photography, glassware, ceramics, crochet, wire sculptures and more – this is a range of beautiful work stretching our artist’s imaginations and pushing them into sometimes chaotic territory.

Exhibiting for the month of June.

May 2022


Lezlie Tilley, an award-winning artist who lives in Newcastle, is having her art showcased this month in The Alcove at Artisan Collective Port Stephens.

Lezlie lived in Port Stephens from 1971 where she and her partner built a home at Soldiers Point. After a 3 year gap living in Malaysia they returned and later built a new home in Corlette designed by Paul Sinclair. During their time in Port Stephens Lezlie and her partner became active members of the Port Stephens Community Art Centre. Following this Lezlie by studied fine art at Newcastle Art school and then completed a Visual Art Degree in Newcastle CAE, now Newcastle University. She also began teaching part time at Newcastle Art School until her retirement in 2021. 

Lezlie also lectured at Newcastle University for 3 years and is currently teaching drawing at Finite Gallery in Caves Beach. Lezlie has won many major awards and her work is in collections at Newcastle, Maitland and Muswellbrook Regional Galleries, including numerous public collections overseas and Australia.

Lezlie has almost always worked the grid as a structure on which to hang images and lately patterns. 

Patricia Wilson-Adams, a printmaker and academic at Newcastle University, describes Tilley’s work – “While most artists begin with chaos working toward order Tilley begins with order through the use of the grid and arrives at a swarming field devoid of focal point and like the sun too awesome to look at. For Tilley the studio is the area of meditation where all is transformative and where the artist becomes lost to time, any awareness of self, the conscious mind and where only the practice is happening.” 

Tilley will be giving a talk about her art on Saturday 21st May at 2pm at Artisan Collective. Everyone is welcome.

April 2022



Two friends, who have known each other for over 40 years, rarely see each other. What connects them? Both have had busy professional lives, lived in different cities even countries but stayed linked through art. Each year for many years, Robert has sent Penny one of his black and white photos, developed in a home dark room. The chance to come together and jointly exhibit their recent work led to a common theme of the intersection between water and earth – Littoral Forms.

Robert is a largely self-taught photographer. His photography is intertwined with a love for the Australian bush and its long and wild coast. He usually works exclusively in black and white film-based imagery because he feels it is more expressive of the light, shapes and mood of the unspoilt natural scene. However, this show is a departure for him and is the first time he has presented photographs that are digitally scanned and printed from film negatives to create large format images.

Living in the Port Stephens area, Penny spends a lot of time in her workshop exploring all sorts of ideas and media. She is a member of Artisan Collective Port Stephens, where her exhibition with Robert will be held in April. Using copper and brass wire, Penny has developed a range of sculptural objects that can be used indoors or out. Unlike other metals, copper and brass will not rust in the coastal environment but develop a patina ranging from pale green to turquoise blue. The copper pieces are woven through a looping process that has been used for thousands of years. Her oil paintings also attempt to capture the ethereal and ever changing intersection of sea and sky.

LITTORAL FORMS opens at the Artisan Collective gallery at the d’Albora Marina in Nelson Bay on Sunday 2 April and runs until Sunday 30 April. Penny and Robert will talk about their work on Saturday 16th April at 2pm in the gallery and Penny will be in the gallery every Friday in April from 10am to 1pm to talk about the work.

March 2022


Dan considers himself mainly self taught, with initial private tuition for three years under Sydney Artist James Blake. In this period Dan learnt the fundamentals of oil painting with a particular acute emphasis on composition.

He has produced many private commissions, in particular portraits. 

Dan has entered into many art competitions and shows, mostly in the Newcastle region, and his successes include winning quite a few cash and voucher prizes over the years, along with minor accolades.

Dan has been on hiatus and has only recently started back at his art practice.

Dan is exhibiting alongside Vince Rush, who is staying with us for another month.

February 2022


The Life Drawing Group from Port Stephens Community Art Centre is exhibiting alongside Vince Rush, a woodworker who creates amazing turned and carved pieces.

We hope to see you at the marina!

January 2022


Prue Sailer and Lauren Morrison are featured in The Alcove this month with ‘Treasure’, a representation of the value of wild and earthly treasures.

Lauren Morrison is a jeweller who uses crystals, stones, macrame decor and fibres from nature to create her stunning pieces.

Prue Sailer is a natural history artist, drawing endlessly from Australia’s unique and varied wildlife and natural environments.

Both artists use their artworks as a means of exploring and conveying themes around the fragility of nature and the impact that humanity has on our environment.

Join us in Artisan Collective Port Stephens to see this amazing exhibition. There are plans to have an opening of Saturday 8th January from 11am-2pm, and also an artist’s talk on Saturday 15th from 3pm, COVID regulations permitting!

See you soon at AC!

December 2021

SHOY: Shared Joy

Members + Guests Exhibition
Join us in the gallery for the month of December for a group exhibition titled “SHOY” which aims to share the joy of being creative by inviting a friend or relative to create a work to show alongside our members.

Ranging from mother / daughter exhibits through to group exhibits, this work showcases the common theme of discovering the joy of generating art.

We hope to see you there!

From October 11 through to November 2021

Di Lucas + Peter Masters

Follow us on socials or via our website to check dates and times for our monthly artist talks, demonstrations and activities – or pop into the gallery and chat with one of our on duty artists.

The gallery is open 7 days a week, 10am-4pm during winter. We are always showcasing new, inspiring and locally made art and giftware.

January 2022

Prue Sailer + Lauren Morrison

February 2022

Vince Rush Woodworker
Figurative Drawing Group Show

April 2022

Penny Amberg + Robert Gribble

May 2022

Lezlie Tilley

June 2022

Artisan Collective member exhibition

July 2022

Rheannon Murray and Gennifer Anderson

August 2022

Nanette Basser and Ileana Clarke

September 2022

Pablo Tapia

October 2022

Megan Barass