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Artisan Collective Group Exhibition

December 2020 will see the Artisan Collective Artists share their talents in a group exhibition “Ocean”

Port Stephens is known as a blue water paradise, we are so lucky to call this beautiful piece of the Australian coast home. Drawing on the inspiration our natural environment brings to our creative styles, we are looking forward to presenting our group exhibition in the AC alcove space for the month of December.

With a range of mediums from fine art photography to contemporary art pieces, skincare and florals, we know you will find something to inspire you too.

Exhibition opening details to come, but keep Friday the 4th of December free, we’d love to see you in the gallery



Ocean 2020

Current Exhibiting Artist

Feature Artist -Denise Duffy

We are so excited to see what November’s feature artist, Denise Duffy has in stall for our local exhibition space!

Denise will be hanging her mixed medium collection – “Enchanted by the ocean: tidal treasures and other tales” early November, consisting of sensory wall works and video inspired by the beauty and magic of the ocean.

“The sea, once it casts its spell, holds one in its net of wonder forever”
Denise’s magical exhibition combines her talents in drawing, painting and sculpture with the assemblage of materials from our local coastline to create whimsical worlds inspired by her mother and childhood memories, drawing inspiration from the blanket blue of the ocean and the warmth of the white sands.
Port Stephens is an abundant source of creative inspiration and natural beauty. Calling this “blue water wonderland” home, Denise Duffy draws on the local environment and her experiences around, on and under the ocean.
Childhood memories spent exploring rock pools and developing curiosity in the natural world under the nurturing hand of her mum Belinda are woven into the work. Macrame and weaving were two forms of creative expression abundant in her childhood home and this new found love of fibre is added to her expanding visual language.
“Enchanted by the Ocean” – which is a mixed medium collection of sensory wall works and video inspired by the beauty and magic of the ocean.
There is magic in the salt air. Do you feel it too?

We hope you can join us to hear more about Denise’s exhibition at our Meet the Artist talk, Saturday the 14th November at 2pm, please head to our social media pages and let us know if you plan to join us so we can save you a seat!

Meet the Artist Ian Marriner

2020 Feature Artists

Previous: October 2020

Peter Masters Of The Earth

Feature Artist – Deborah Chisholm

Welcome Deborah Chisholm to the AC as our October feature artist! Join us Saturday 24th October in the Gallery for our free Meet the Artist presentation with Deborah at 2pm.

Deb combines her clinical and academic life (being a Psychotherapist) with her love of painting and an active art practice. Deb has exhibited and held collections both in Australia and overseas, showing at the Menier Gallery in London in a group exhibition opened by the Australian High Commissioner.

Having studied extensively in old master oil painting techniques and abstraction for 5 years with the prestigious Charlie Sheard Studio School, Deb now works from her Nelson Bay studio overlooking the tranquil and pristine waters of the Bay. Deb’s sheer love of the area deeply influences her most recent work ‘Moodwaters’ and reflects the ethereal presence of a changing climate and shifting light. Deb also has an active drawing practice influenced by both traditional western and eastern calligraphic style.

“Drawing forces attention and encourages the eye to look closer and mindfulness allows the mind to feel. Within that lies resonance with the self and a connected felt experience with the other.”

Previous: September 2020

Peter Masters Of The Earth

Feature Artist – Megan Barrass

We are so excited to have the bright, bold, full of life artworks by local artist Megan Barrass in the studio for August and September!

You’ll see some very familiar sights within Megan’s exhibition, from cheeky black cockatoos to an amazing triptych of our very own Nelson Bay Marina, you’re bound to fall in love with them just as much as we have!

Megan is a full-time contemporary artist, living and continuously painting in beautiful Shoal Bay. With over 30 years’ experience in the fine art world she is best known for her strong, typically Australian coastal themed paintings.

Megan’s bold floral artworks feature generous, luscious coloured brush strokes of acrylic paint onto stretched canvas.

Feature Artist – Ian Marriner

Ian is an avid photographer and scuba diver, an exciting blending of passions. He has been photographing underwater for some 35 years, using this lifetime of learning to create fine art underwater, seascape and landscape images.
Ian’s photography has been recognised with numerous awards and has worked as a freelance photographer for corporates such as the Australian Tourist Commission, Lizard Island Resort, Australian Airlines and Fitzroy Island.
Meet the Artist Ian Marriner

Previous: August 2020

Peter Masters Of The Earth

Feature Artist – Peter Masters

The month of August sees our AC photographer, Peter Masters, holding an in-house exhibition of limited edition conceptual photography in the Gallery Alcove.

Peters’ stunning abstract photography series explores the pattern making found in nature, with particular interest in rock shelves, volcanic lava, forestry and storm swells.

Join us to chat with Peter about his current works, in the Gallery 2pm, Saturday the 22nd August

Previous: July 2020

Feature Artist – Alita Knaggs

We are so excited to have two new feature artists joinging us for July 2020!

We would like to introduce our first feature artist of July – Alita Knaggs

The majority of Alita’s work is based on her local environment, with “landscape” the main subject matter. Most people who visit Fingal are amazed at the natural beauty, from the protected beach, to Fingal spit and Barry Park, where you can watch the whales cruise by. Alita’s work reflects the magic of Fingal Bay.

The majority of Alita’s work uses acrylics, and some mixed media with acrylic, gauche and charcoal. Some of her most recent work has used oil paint.

Alita’s work will be on display at Artisan Collective throughout the month of July, with Alita coming in for a ‘meet and greet’ with the public. Keep your eye on our social media pages for when this is happening.

Feature Artist – Elisabeth Lawrence

Our second local feature artist for July is Elisabeth Lawrence who blends her thoughts and environment together in images through painting and printmaking.

We are lucky enough to be featuring works from her “Feather collection” as well as a variety of copper etchings. Her works show different printmaking techniques including aquatinting, spit-biting, mezzotint annd oil pastel resist.

“My work develops in series which reflect my changing thoughts and stories as I grow up. Each new storyline in my work comes from a variety of different sources. Often they come from thoughts and feelings, reflections on my own life journey, as well as little objects which I’ve collected. I compose these in an antithetical style which becomes a narrative. I consider myself a story teller; a fabulist.”

Elisabeth Lawrence


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