Anna Webster

Anna is a mixed media artist who enjoys exploring how colours interact – how they work or don’t work with each other to create mood and atmosphere. She is also enjoying exploring the graphic element of art – how an art work comes together as a whole to be pleasing to the eye and mind using line, form and composition.

It’s important to go your own way and find your unique voice, which is one part of what art offers me as a form of expression

Anna Webster, Pathways Exhibition

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More about Anna

Anna’s art includes abstracts, landscape and portraiture.

Anna’s art attempts to capture the essentials of the natural world and express to the viewer an interpretation of how she feels. Anna says that when she paints she enters into a place where day-to-day life recedes and creative instinct takes over.

“Sometimes you have to start big and lay down the composition – large arcs of line and form, colour splashed on with streaks of charcoal leading the eye from one edge to the other.
I am always looking at the overall picture and keeping an eye on what works in terms of form, line, colour and composition.
There are magical moments of letting the art that you are creating ‘speak’ to you and tell you what to do next.”

Extract from Anna Webster artist bio for Pathways Exhibition, June 2021