June 2024


Nada O’Loughlin-Yonge pays tribute to Australia’s natural beauty, showcasing her love of our natural surrounds and wild life in new exhibition.

Port Stephens artist Nada is set to enchant art enthusiasts with her latest works that capturing her passion for the beauty of the Port Stephens area and beyond.

Nada’s artistic repertoire spans a broad spectrum of subjects, but she finds particular joy in portraying the intricate details of Australian wildlife. Her paintings vividly capture the vibrant hues of our native birds in their natural habitats, showcasing both her technical skill and the beauty of the nation’s unique biodiversity.

Having honed her craft as a self-taught artist over many years, Nada draws much of her inspiration from the local scenery, creating a collection that reflects the beauty of Australia’s idyllic coastal landscapes, along with its unique flora and fauna. Having lived in the Port Stephens area for many years, the coast provides Nada with plenty of inspiration. Whether rendered in the bold strokes of acrylics or the delicate nuances of watercolours, the result is captured in local scenes of days by the beach, and tranquil waterways. Nada has also drawn inspiration from her travels across Europe, from the enchanting city of Venice to the rolling hills of Tuscany. 

Renowned for her expertise in watercolours, Nada has enjoyed sharing her creativity and skills through workshops, both locally and across Australia. These sessions provide art enthusiasts with a unique opportunity to learn some of the techniques that bring her paintings to life. 

The upcoming exhibition promises both a snapshot of the local surrounds and its amazing wildlife, shining a light on Australia’s natural beauty. Don’t miss the opportunity to step into the wonderful world of Nada’s paintings. 

Caryl Bryars is also a local artist, whose chosen medium is clay using hand building methods. Caryl says:

Making three dimensional art is an important part of my life.  The natural world with its colours, textures and forms is inspirational. Seeing and feeling the organic, natural “tools” collected and used, coming to life during the creation of the clay pieces for this exhibition was  stimulating and relaxing.
The end results are an expression of my love of the natural world and is good for my soul. Please enjoy.

May 2024


Hayley Cruickshanks, proud Dhurug woman and owner/Artist behind Nangamay.

Hayley’s artwork allows you to immerse yourself in cultural heritage and contemporary art. The beauty of these artworks sees her intertwine an ancient culture and modern take effortlessly.

Each piece expresses the artist’s connection to her ancestors and culture. Through her canvas, Hayley shares stories of culture being passed on, the lands that surround her and what ancestors send to her in her dreams. She makes her mark on the contemporary art scene while honoring cultural lineage.

Hayley is mum of two little boys. She decided to create Nangamay while on maternity leave with her first born, saying, “I want my boys to be proud of their culture and grow up surrounded by it.”

For more information please visit https://nangamay.info, or Hayley’s
Instagram @nangamaydesigns



April 2024


Rose McAllister is a Newcastle based artist who grew up in the Port Stephens area. She completed her Visual Arts degree at the University of Newcastle and studied Ceramics at Newcastle TAFE in the early 1990’s. After spending many years teaching visual art, she returned to study focusing on theology, spirituality, philosophy, and culture which led to incorporating these disciplines into her art teaching and making practice over the last 15 years. Rose has exhibited her work in group and solo exhibitions over the last 30 years using the mediums of painting, drawings, ceramics, sculpture and installation. 

In this body of work titled ‘The Journey Thus Far’, Rose will be displaying a range of mixed media paintings, ceramics and wearable art. 

Rose says, “The art making process is not only a way to express oneself, but also a means to explore the relationships held with others and the wider environment. A physical and emotional relationship must be forged with the medium so it can assist the artist communicate the story that they are trying to convey.” 

Rose takes inspiration from the natural environment, energies created when mediums collide, the emotional response to new environments and cultures and the beauty in the discarded or unseen. 

Each of the artworks hold a story related to a particular time and place which can take the viewer on a journey of discovery. 

March 2024


Trevor Weekes is a practicing Artist and has exhibited for over 50 years both nationally and internationally. Trevor was an Educator working as a Lecturer at COFA in Sydney and for the past 27 years, Lecturer in Natural History Illustration and Fine Art in The School of Design, Communication and Information Technology, University of Newcastle.

His art practice embraces multi disciplines, specifically Drawing, Painting, Sculpture and Artists Book production. His absolute love of animals has been a major topic of interest, and has featured in many of his solo exhibitions. His books are in most cases illustrated stories that feature animals.

The Title of the exhibition this month at Artisan Collective is ‘ANIMALS’, a body of work depicts animals in various situations. 

Trevor says, “My love of animals is not only to depict them but through the portraits give some insight into their lives when placed in different environments.”

The artwork comes from different bodies of works executed over a period of time.

February 2024


Leslie Duffin began painting as a child, learning from her father – artist Neil Stein.

As often happens, life got in the way of art, and after a 35-year break from painting, she attended Newcastle Art School (Hunter TAFE) and completed an Advanced Diploma in Fine Art in 2012.

Since then, Leslie has been working in her studio. She also ran her own gallery at Caves Beach from 2013-2022.

Leslie is primarily an oil painter but has recently begun creating collages made from colour sample chips. These hark back to her younger days when she created “hard-edge” paintings. Each collage is made using scissors and glue with no drawing of the image. Her scissors “do the drawing”.

Leslie’s studio is next to Jacquie Garcia’s at The Creator Incubator in Hamilton North.

Jacquie Garcia is the talented and humble artist behind the Newcastle based ceramic boutique, Leiluca. Her beautifully crafted artworks and pottery pieces are produced from her home garden studio in Waratah.

Making art has forever been Jacquie’s passion. Her natural abilities took her to National Art School in Sydney where here skills and style were fine tuned in a range of modalities. Leiluca Ceramics, established in 2018, represents a unique artistic niche a lifetime in the making.

Working with earthy stoneware clay and a range of glazes, Jacquie takes inspiration from, and captures the essence of the local region with a unique colour palette and texture that is characteristic of Leiluca.

“Throwing pots on the wheel is my form of meditation. I love sitting and feeling the clay in my hands knowing I am creating something that could potentially last hundreds of years.”

January 2024


Sally Walker has been a practicing artist since 1995, working in painting and mixed media. What started with a love of colour became a passion for fusing and leadlighting glass. Sacred geometry, mandalas, and nature have formed a large part of her design repertoire. 

A qualified teacher of Design and currently in a student support role in local schools, Sally understands individual needs and has the tools to support you in your creative experience.

Located in Medowie and servicing the Port Stephens, Hunter Valley region 5D Glass Art offers a range of glass experiences. Classes are small with individual and group books available (subject to availability). On offer will be fusing, glass painting, copper foil and lead lighting at this stage.

Melissa Radcliffe‘s practise is based in Port Stephens in NSW, Australia. She has studied Fine Art in Newcastle following a career in Graphic Design, Architectural Drafting and running art classes in the local area. 

This month Melissa is exhibiting under the theme ‘Coastal Palette’, layering paint for depth, transparency and the harnessing of light. Melissa is guided by emotional response to colour and composition while allowing random experiments and the unexpected. 

“I am happiest when my hands are creating. Energy and intention are an important aspect of my practise and in the work I create. The impact on the viewer is always intended as positive and enriching.”

Sally Walker

Melissa Radcliffe

December 2023


December in Artisan Collective brings in two fabulous local artists.

Helen Jackson lives in Nelson Bay and draws inspiration from her surroundings for her stunning ceramics. The pieces that she will be showing in December focus on the themes of water, wind and boats, and represents her recent artistic interpretations of stability and movement. 

Helen has exhibited her work nationally and has received several sculpture awards for her ceramics. Helen says, “I make vessels from increasingly thin slices of rolled out clay. The way gravity sometimes slumps the clay into almost organic forms is quite exquisite. An abundance of potential from what is essentially mud, transformed into everlasting pieces of apparently frail beauty, a beauty that belies its durability.”

Our second artist who will be exhibiting alongside Helen is Penny Wilson. Penny is a printmaker based in Nelson Bay and has been exhibiting with the Newcastle Printmakers Workshop since the 1990s.

Penny has worked with the theme “Below the Surface” and will be exploring issues that are relevant to us all including climate change and its effect on communities and nature, and the issue of many being unable to find a place of safety and personal freedom. Penny says, “I hope the viewer is drawn into my art to wonder what lies below the surface.”

November 2023


Gergo Rugli is an award winning seascape and ocean photographer living in Sydney, originally from Hungary. Gergo expresses his creativity through photography that focuses on the positive, the magnificent beauty of our world and its wonders.

Gergo’s photography conveys a heartfelt passion for nature through truly beautiful images of our environment captured at its most vulnerable and volatile.

Gergo was only a small child learning how to speak when his grandfather used to read stories about the oceans, dolphins and sharks, in the landlocked country of Hungary where he grew up.

“I’ve been fascinated with the ocean, especially with dolphins, since my childhood. Therefore, 9 years ago, I made the bold decision to move to Australia. Luckily, I can call Australia home now. Port Stephens is one of my favourite places in Australia. On the weekends, I work in the bay with Dolphin Swim Australia. Swimming with wild dolphins in the pristine Port Stephens Great Lakes Marine Park is a real dream come true. The exhibition at Artisan Collective will showcase my favourite images, many of which were captured locally.

The ocean’s raw power and ever-changing beauty capture my attention, making everyday problems seem to evaporate. I love photography because it anchors my focus in the present moment, revealing magical moments often missed by distracted eyes.

The ocean and photography have become a form of meditation for me. Regardless of weather conditions, I start every morning in the water, absorbing its energy. Through my work, I aim to capture these magical moments and convey this wondrous life force.”

Gergo hopes through his images he can show the most beautiful side of nature and create a deep connection to its viewers and thereby encouraging them to protect it.

This exhibition is on during the month of November 2023 – don’t miss it!

October 2023

ROS ELKIN Of Earth, Of Space

Ros Elkin is an artist based in Lake Macquarie NSW. Ros’s body of work is of nature – seen from macro to micro levels. Her ability in using different mediums to suit the subject matter enhances the appeal of her work.

In this exhibition in October at Artisan Collective, Ros will be showing her versatility with paintings, printmaking, and ceramics.

Ros’s current works are paintings of the cosmos, that speak of other worlds and can leave one in a meditative state. She is also an award-winning printmaker, using intricate detail in her artworks and playing with the graphic element of art – balancing light and dark, line and composition. Her ceramics are wheel thrown stoneware that range from large platters to miniature vessels glazed in rich layers of colour.

The Artisan Collective is thrilled to have Ros Elkin’s art that can show us a different view of our environment – ‘Of Earth, Of Space’.

Ros Elkin has had solo exhibitions over the last 15 years with Greenway Gallery in Morpeth, Back to Back Gallery in Newcastle, Muswellbrook Regional Gallery and recently CStudios in Hunter Street Newcastle. We are thrilled to have Ros exhibiting with us and we welcome you to come and view her exhibition, running from Monday 2nd October until the end of the month.

September 2023


This month in The Alcove we have two amazing artists exhibiting with us – be sure to come and visit and see their stunning work!

Jackie from Jackie Smallcombe – Jewellery and Objects, is an Australian designer and maker of contemporary jewellery and homewares. After completing Jewellery Design at Enmore Design Centre in 1996, she then diversified into larger objects like her Concrete Pots and Jewellery Boxes, and her ‘Nest Of Tables’, through various short courses. Jackie loves playing with the marrying of both vintage and contemporary design and materials, as seen in her crystal cut concrete vessels and jewellery boxes.

Susan Hall-Thompson is an award winning artist who will be exhibiting in The Alcove in September. In this exhibition Susan will be showing her large charcoal observations of people arrested in everyday moments, some bright and striking abstract paintings, intricate small people sculptures made from up cycled materials as well as some embedded works on cotton rag paper.

Come and see these amazing works – Artisan Collective is open 7 days a week.

August 2023


August in The Alcove features a group show of Artisan Collective members. The theme for this month is “Home”, with members showing their talents in painting, ceramics, jewellery, glass art, mosaics and much more.

Home can be where you live, but it’s also the place we feel most comfortable, loved, and protected. Home is a safe haven and a comfort zone, a place where we can truly just be ourselves. Come and see how each artist has interpreted this multi faceted theme, we are open 7 days each week from 10am to 4pm. You’ll always meet an artist on duty to talk with!

July 2023


In July we have a group showing of artists from Unique Life Services, who provide disability support in Port Stephens, including disability support, transport assistance, domestic help, group activities, drug and alcohol counselling, and a range of other specialised support services in Nelson Bay. ULS are a family orientated business following a consumers-centric approach, with a focus on looking after participants and family first. Our goal is to change the world for the better, one consumer at a time.

Our Art Class is run by two extremely talented art teachers Trish and Kate under the name Sensory Art. The participants meet twice a week at the Unique Life Services office in Nelson Bay. The participants have a range of disabilities including Autism, Intellectual Disabilities, Mental Health Disabilities, Brain Injuries, Down Syndrome, and many others.

June 2023

BY DEGREES Louise Faulkner and Adam Faulkner

Warm up this Winter with a visit to our exhibition space by siblings Louise and Adam Faulkner. Louise and Adam live in Newcastle, and both are interested in showcasing nature and the environment in their art forms.

Adam and Louise both work in land management, in roles devoted to caring for NSW’s forested country. They share a deep appreciation of the environment, sustainability issues and conservation matters. Unsurprisingly, ‘by degrees’ examines elements and materials of the natural world, albeit from different artistic perspectives.

Adam is a woodturner, devoted to the craft, whose love of timber is expressed through form and functional works. The grain, treatment and the purpose of each piece are reminders of what nature can provide. The beauty of the wood is revealed in Adam’s gently turned objects and is tempered by reflections on the materials sustainability and endurance in our environment. 

Louise is a photographer. Her works in ‘by degrees’ are cyanotypes, original images developed via an alternative photographic process that utilises photosensitive emulsion and the sun. This is intrinsic to the artworks, which are themselves considerations of the effects of climate change. Louise’s photographs are botanicals, landscapes and cloudscapes; contemporary images presented as historical finds, suggested records of revered natural elements that vanished in an age of accelerated change.

Adam: @faulko72
Louise: @louisefaulknerphotography

This exhibition will be open from Monday June 5th until the end of the month.

May 2023

NATURE, TEXTURE AND PATTERN Linda Lunnon and Marian Fox

For the month of May, Artisan Collective Port Stephens is hosting two talented and award-winning artists in their exhibition space. 

Linda Lunnon grew up in rural Australia and lives in North Rothbury. Linda worked in environmental science before discovering the Natural History Illustration degree at the University of Newcastle. In her final year of study, Linda was honoured to receive the Margaret Senior Wildlife Illustration Award for her final major project.

Linda’s work for this exhibition will be on scratchboard, a board covered in a thin, smooth layer of white kaolin clay and sprayed with black ink that is etched into using sharp tools, revealing the white or colour underneath. Linda draws inspiration from her travels and observations of the natural world, and particularly enjoys creating both animal and people portraits that capture character, emotion and fleeting expressions. Linda’s work has been recognised nationally and internationally in various art prizes and exhibitions, and her pieces are held in private collections in Australia, United Kingdom, Canada and the United States.

Marian Fox is a ceramic artist born in Melbourne and living in Ballarat, Victoria. Marian creates one-off, bold, large scale hand-built ceramics inspired by nature, colour and pattern. Marian aims to unite these elements creating work where the colour and patterns work to highlight and exaggerate the shape of the vessel. Marian has exhibited in Australia and in France and has work in private collections in both countries, and has been the recipient of ceramic and 3D awards.

Marian’s work, created for the Artisan Collective in Port Stephens, has been inspired by the local environment; including its colours, the coastline, the corrugations of the shoreline, and the repetition we see in the natural environment. Marian uses these elements to create pattern and texture in her vessels that remind us of nature. 

Artisan Collective is an artist-run gallery located at d’Albora Marina and is open 7 days.

April 2023

INTO THE DEEP Janet Mackintosh and Anna Webster

Living in Port Stephens, it would be hard not to be inspired by and drawn into the ocean environment and the thoughts and feelings that it provokes. Janet and Anna have drawn on these sights/sites to create their artworks – beaches, waterways even the bush all provide rich material. 

‘Into the Deep’ is an exhibition by Janet and Anna not only showing an artistic interpretation of Port Stephens, but also what it means to go deeper and out of your comfort zone. Moving into deep water requires a sense of adventure and commitment, leaving the shallows and safety behind.

Janet is drawn to the ocean taking any opportunity to rock pool, swim or stand-up paddle board. Anna is also fascinated by the ocean and the power of the water. Both artist’s work draws on patterns, colours and animals found in oceanic settings in the Port Stephens area.

Mosaics, photographs, drawings, and paintings will be shown in April in The Alcove at Artisan Collective Port Stephens. Artisan Collective is an artist run gallery open 7 days a week and is located at d’Albora Marinas Nelson Bay.

February 2023


February starts with a bang with Peter Masters exhibition of conceptual photography. Peter is an art photographer with a long connection to the area.  He has been a member of the Artisan Collective, now based at the d’Albora Marina, for five years. 

His new exhibition features conceptual photography which Peter describes as “works of the imagination where multiple photographs are used as the building blocks of a single whole image.”  

“Conceptual photography is an art of montaged and composited images, combining elements of digital art, mosaic, and freehand drawing. Conceptual art prioritises the importance of an idea or a concept making technique and aesthetic take second place. It emphasises dreams and the imagination and explores the tension between fantasy and reality”

Peter Masters

“Almost Real” is an exhibition in three parts.  The first is a journey that begins with nature’s own textures and patterns.  It begins with macro images of rocks and minerals that become abstract art.  

The exhibition runs every day throughout February from the 4th until the 28th. Artisan Collective Gallery is situated at the d’Albora Marina in Nelson Bay. Opening hours are 9-4.

Peter will be hosting an artist talk at Artisan Collective on Saturday 25th February at 3pm – come along and say hi!

January 2023

The Seahorse and A Storm in a Teacup – by Anne-Maree Hunter

We welcome the new year with a new exhibition in the Alcove by print maker Anne-Maree Hunter. Anne-Maree creates her artwork using the Etching method and the medium of Lithography, where a print is taken from a stone, a printing technique invented over 225 years ago.

“If you think of the saying ‘to get blood from a stone’, then you are on the
right track for the degree of difficulty in creating a lithograph…


“As part of my exhibition, I will include a video that will demonstrate how lithography works. It is a medium that allows the closest rendering of a drawn image or the beautiful delicate watercolour technique of a painterly wash. Some of the large images on show are printed from a huge lithographic stone which is extremely heavy. I had access to this slab of limestone at the University of Newcastle as a student and then as a Lecturer. These works are about creating new life and concern for the environment. There will also be a large etching with embossed detail of a huge ‘Storm in a Teacup’, as well as some smaller works on the same theme – who doesn’t love a good cuppa tea?

Anne-Maree will be on duty throughout January where she will be able to talk you through her process and answer any questions (please contact Artisan Collective for when Anne-Maree will be on duty).

Anne-Maree will be facilitating a hands on artist workshop where students will be guided in creating their very own beautiful teacup using hand stamping – a mini block printing technique. Students will print their designs first, cut out a teacup template, fold and then glue together to form their very own teacup worthy Wedgewood or Royal Doulton! This workshop is the perfect blend of art and engineering, suitable for adults and children over the age of 12.

Spaces are limited and bookings are essential, use the link below to book your spot!

November 2022

SHOY – Share the Joy!

SHOY: Share the Joy, is back for 2022! Our SHOY Exhibition premiered in 2021, and we have brought it back for 2022. On display for the month of November is this amazing shared exhibition, where each of our Artisan Collective Members invite a guest artist to join them in sharing the joy of exhibiting in our amazing Nelson Bay gallery.

The artworks are stunning! We will be ‘sharing the joy’ even more with an exhibition opening at 2pm on Sunday the 13th November. We would love to see you there!

Next month:
December 2022


Artisan Collective Port Stephens will be hosting a Christmas show, with all items in the December exhibition in The Alcove $150 and under. Artists at the collective are keen to share their creativity – without a huge price tag. 

In addition to the month-long exhibition, Artisan Collective are hosting a one-time event on Saturday 3rd December from 4pm to 8pm, which coincides with the Homegrown Markets on at the Nelson Bay foreshore. At this time, customers will be able to purchase anything at Artisan Collective with a 10% discount. Be quick to get that artwork you’ve had your eye on!

This exhibition will run from December 1st until the end of the month, with sold stock being replaced.

Anne-Maree Hunter ‘Red Sky at Morning, Sailors take Warning’
artwork which will be one of the works available for under $150

August 2022


Pablo Tapia is a fine artist based in Newcastle, NSW. He grew up in Chile during the 70s and 80s, a country with an incredibly varied landscape and rich amalgamation of Spanish and native traditions. In the late 90s Pablo Immigrated to Australia following his wife and after few years experiencing her home country and culture settled in the beautiful port of Newcastle in NSW; a city with a long industrial history, and a vibrant art community. 

Pablo Tapia’s art training was long and varied. It started with studies in graphic design back in Chile, and here in Australia, as most art students do, he took Fine Arts studies at college and university. Later he was fortunate to also train in Renaissance methodologies and the Australian Tonal Impressionist tradition at private institutions in Sydney. This long apprenticeship culminated with an APA scholarship to do a Master Degree by research.

Today, with a now bigger family and good friends around, Pablo paints and helps other artists with their technical development, enjoying the relaxing life his touristic city and its friendly people have to offer.

Greg Salter has been a practicing artist since 1991. He has participated in numerous exhibitions and completed many commissions spanning painting, drawing and indoor and outdoor sculpture. His work has been included in exhibitions at the Maitland City Art Gallery and the Lake Macquarie City Art Gallery as well as various commercial galleries. Amongst various awards he won the Hunter Botanic Garden’s Outdoor Sculpture Prize in 2011 and 2013, the 2011 Newcastle Region Show Sculpture Prize and the 2013 Nelson Bay Sculpture Festival Acquisitive Prize.

He lives in the Hunter Valley and in his spare time cares for and trains dogs for Tiki Animal Rescue, managing and training six or more dogs at a time.

August 2022


Two of Port Stephen’s well-loved artists, Nanette Basser and Ileana Clarke, will join forces to exhibit at Artisan Collective Port Stephens for the month of August. Their exhibition is titled ‘Portraits of the Bay’ and will have paintings of our beautiful area and environment.

Nanette Basser is a painter that has exhibited internationally in Hong Kong and Singapore. Nanette has also been selected to be hung in the Wynne Prize national award for Australian landscape painters, where she received a Highly Commended Award for her entry.

Ileana Clarke has exhibited in solo and mixed shows over the last 30 years and has several art prizes and awards in her career. Ileana’s work has been published in ‘International Contemporary Artists’ magazine and most recently she was the winner of the pencil and ink section in the Singleton Art Prize. 

Nanette and Ileana have been meeting up to paint together for works especially for this exhibition, where local scenes will be featured and interpreted in their unique styles. 

Nanette and Ileana will be hosting an artist talk and opening of the exhibition on Saturday 6th August at 2pm.  

July 2022


June 2022


A diverse showcase of the members of Artisan Collective Port Stephens with the theme ‘WILD’. From painting, photography, glassware, ceramics, crochet, wire sculptures and more – this is a range of beautiful work stretching our artist’s imaginations and pushing them into sometimes chaotic territory.

Exhibiting for the month of June.

May 2022


Lezlie Tilley, an award-winning artist who lives in Newcastle, is having her art showcased this month in The Alcove at Artisan Collective Port Stephens.

Lezlie lived in Port Stephens from 1971 where she and her partner built a home at Soldiers Point. After a 3 year gap living in Malaysia they returned and later built a new home in Corlette designed by Paul Sinclair. During their time in Port Stephens Lezlie and her partner became active members of the Port Stephens Community Art Centre. Following this Lezlie by studied fine art at Newcastle Art school and then completed a Visual Art Degree in Newcastle CAE, now Newcastle University. She also began teaching part time at Newcastle Art School until her retirement in 2021. 

Lezlie also lectured at Newcastle University for 3 years and is currently teaching drawing at Finite Gallery in Caves Beach. Lezlie has won many major awards and her work is in collections at Newcastle, Maitland and Muswellbrook Regional Galleries, including numerous public collections overseas and Australia.

Lezlie has almost always worked the grid as a structure on which to hang images and lately patterns. 

Patricia Wilson-Adams, a printmaker and academic at Newcastle University, describes Tilley’s work – “While most artists begin with chaos working toward order Tilley begins with order through the use of the grid and arrives at a swarming field devoid of focal point and like the sun too awesome to look at. For Tilley the studio is the area of meditation where all is transformative and where the artist becomes lost to time, any awareness of self, the conscious mind and where only the practice is happening.” 

Tilley will be giving a talk about her art on Saturday 21st May at 2pm at Artisan Collective. Everyone is welcome.

April 2022



Two friends, who have known each other for over 40 years, rarely see each other. What connects them? Both have had busy professional lives, lived in different cities even countries but stayed linked through art. Each year for many years, Robert has sent Penny one of his black and white photos, developed in a home dark room. The chance to come together and jointly exhibit their recent work led to a common theme of the intersection between water and earth – Littoral Forms.

Robert is a largely self-taught photographer. His photography is intertwined with a love for the Australian bush and its long and wild coast. He usually works exclusively in black and white film-based imagery because he feels it is more expressive of the light, shapes and mood of the unspoilt natural scene. However, this show is a departure for him and is the first time he has presented photographs that are digitally scanned and printed from film negatives to create large format images.

Living in the Port Stephens area, Penny spends a lot of time in her workshop exploring all sorts of ideas and media. She is a member of Artisan Collective Port Stephens, where her exhibition with Robert will be held in April. Using copper and brass wire, Penny has developed a range of sculptural objects that can be used indoors or out. Unlike other metals, copper and brass will not rust in the coastal environment but develop a patina ranging from pale green to turquoise blue. The copper pieces are woven through a looping process that has been used for thousands of years. Her oil paintings also attempt to capture the ethereal and ever changing intersection of sea and sky.

LITTORAL FORMS opens at the Artisan Collective gallery at the d’Albora Marina in Nelson Bay on Sunday 2 April and runs until Sunday 30 April. Penny and Robert will talk about their work on Saturday 16th April at 2pm in the gallery and Penny will be in the gallery every Friday in April from 10am to 1pm to talk about the work.

March 2022


Dan considers himself mainly self taught, with initial private tuition for three years under Sydney Artist James Blake. In this period Dan learnt the fundamentals of oil painting with a particular acute emphasis on composition.

He has produced many private commissions, in particular portraits. 

Dan has entered into many art competitions and shows, mostly in the Newcastle region, and his successes include winning quite a few cash and voucher prizes over the years, along with minor accolades.

Dan has been on hiatus and has only recently started back at his art practice.

Dan is exhibiting alongside Vince Rush, who is staying with us for another month.

February 2022


The Life Drawing Group from Port Stephens Community Art Centre is exhibiting alongside Vince Rush, a woodworker who creates amazing turned and carved pieces.

We hope to see you at the marina!

January 2022


Prue Sailer and Lauren Morrison are featured in The Alcove this month with ‘Treasure’, a representation of the value of wild and earthly treasures.

Lauren Morrison is a jeweller who uses crystals, stones, macrame decor and fibres from nature to create her stunning pieces.

Prue Sailer is a natural history artist, drawing endlessly from Australia’s unique and varied wildlife and natural environments.

Both artists use their artworks as a means of exploring and conveying themes around the fragility of nature and the impact that humanity has on our environment.

Join us in Artisan Collective Port Stephens to see this amazing exhibition. There are plans to have an opening of Saturday 8th January from 11am-2pm, and also an artist’s talk on Saturday 15th from 3pm, COVID regulations permitting!

See you soon at AC!

December 2021

SHOY: Shared Joy

Members + Guests Exhibition
Join us in the gallery for the month of December for a group exhibition titled “SHOY” which aims to share the joy of being creative by inviting a friend or relative to create a work to show alongside our members.

Ranging from mother / daughter exhibits through to group exhibits, this work showcases the common theme of discovering the joy of generating art.

We hope to see you there!

From October 11 through to November 2021

Di Lucas + Peter Masters

Follow us on socials or via our website to check dates and times for our monthly artist talks, demonstrations and activities – or pop into the gallery and chat with one of our on duty artists.

The gallery is open 7 days a week, 10am-4pm during winter. We are always showcasing new, inspiring and locally made art and giftware.