Anne-Maree Hunter

I grew up on the main street of Nelson Bay and spent most of my childhood swimming in the old saltwater pool where the Marina now is. I moved to Newcastle following school to study and after a slight diversion into science and education, I came back to my first passion of art. I returned to study wildlife illustration which was offered at the University of Newcastle as an undergraduate course. However, I also found printmaking, so I have a background in printmaking, specialising in lithography and etching & have I been exhibiting since 1989 with 13 solo exhibitions.

Over the years I wore many hats – research assistant, tour guide, teacher & Teacher-in-Charge, and even caretaker. My last role was as the Displays Coordinator where I developed educational brochures, dioramas & displays & signage. These all utilized my various science, education, and art skills.

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More about Anne-Maree

I continued with my interest with the environment and worked in various capacities in the areas of my previous studies. This included volunteering with what would eventually become The Shortland Wetlands Centre (now known as the Hunter Wetlands Centre).

I continued to study while working and I completed a Ph.D titled “Constructing the Eclectic Bibliothèque” about Books, Libraries and especially Artists’ Books in all their manifestations.  In 2005, my work Pillow Book received a finalist award at the 1st Seoul International Books Arts Competition, and in 2008, I was an invited international artists, showing work and present a paper at the Seongnam International Bookarts Fair and Conference in South Korea.  

I have been lecturing in Fine Art, Printmaking & Teacher Education at The University of Newcastle, Australia. Unfortunately, I have recently lost this work due to COVID.

My work has been collected by 

  • State Library of Victoria
  • State Library of Queensland 
  • Baillieu Library, University of Melbourne, Victoria
  • Maitland Regional Art Gallery 
  • Monash University Rare Books Collection
  • Hunter Urban Division of General Practice, Newcastle 
  • The Print Council of Australia
  • Tasmanian Museum Gallery