June Wheen

June is a Ceramic Artist working mainly with stoneware and porcelain clays, occasionally using paper clay for sculptural pieces.

June’s pots are fired in an electric or gas kiln to temperatures above 1200 deg C. She makes her own glazes which are food safe. 

I am inspired by fellow local artisans and others I encounter during my travels. My art continually evolves from these influences, as well as the marine surroundings and scenery of beautiful Port Stephens.

June Wheen

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More about June

Most of June’s work is wheel thrown, or hand built. She uses a variety of decorating techniques, ranging from slip sgraffito carving, printing or pressing onto clay surfaces, under glaze or glaze on glaze. 

June’s work includes thrown bowls, cylindrical forms, manipulated thrown pieces and free form, often with carving or cutting away. 

June has a Degree in Creative Arts from Charles Sturt University (Bathurst) and has taught Art in TAFE and Secondary Schools.

“I hope the satisfaction I gain from making pots reflects in my work and brings similar pleasure to those who acquire them.

Working with clay is a continuous learning process, I cannot envisage my life without it.

June Wheen