Sally Walker

Sally discovered she could be an artist in the 1990’s, which opened the door to a creativity within her that keeps on growing.

Sally initially started as a painter, then began to explore the world of coloured glass around 2005, harking back to her memories of being a child in church wondering why there were lines through the stained-glass images. This fascination continues today and is evident in the way that sally explores the translucency, line and form in glass.

2021 and blessed to have my own glass studio and now understanding the ways of stained and fused glass. Still enchanted by the colours that change as light emanates through it, I get to play with it in my respite time. 

Sally Walker

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More about Sally

Sally’s dream is to be able to support herself to create full time without losing the pleasure of creation. She endeavours to make from instinct or intuition which is why Sally calls her art occupation 5d Glass Art.

“Fused glass can be a fickle form of creation. So much can go wrong from a technical aspect and fabulous things can happen in the transformation processes.”

Sally Walker