Alita Knaggs

Alita Knaggs is a mixed media artist, working mostly in landscape. Alita has been involved in visual arts most of her life, and now paints from her Port Stephens home studio after a career in education.

I endeavour to capture qualities of the landscape. For me it is an immersion of light, colour and texture and then the challenge as I respond and represent that pace in my chosen medium”


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More about Alita

Alita Knaggs exhibited at Artisan Collective Port Stephens as our July 2020 Feature Artist before being invited to join as a full-time exhibiting artist soon after.

Primarily a contemporary landscape painter, Alita is inspired by her beloved environment, in particular the coast and forms of Fingal Bay.

Having studied at Alexander Mackie CAE (now COFA) in Sydney, Alita subsequently taught Visual Arts at high schools for many years. Until 2017, she was Head Teacher of Creative and Performing Arts at Tomaree High School in Port Stephens.

Now pursuing the development of her own art practice, she works in a variety of mediums, including oil, acrylic, gouache and mixed media.