Megan Barrass

Megan is a full-time contemporary artist, living and continuously painting in beautiful Shoal Bay, Port Stephens NSW. Working in the creative field is her life. Megan attained a diploma of Graphic Design and has had 30 years’ experience in the fine art world. Her large format painterly style artworks are found in many homes and commercial projects.

The aim is to create images so others can visually share my passion and optimism about life

Megan Barrass

Megan joined the AC after successfully exhibiting as a feature artist in
2020 and now regularly displays her bright beautiful works as part
of one of our full-time members.

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More about Megan

As half of Megan’s family suffer from terrible hay-fever, she had to come up with a solution to replace the vase of freshly cut beautiful flowers on the dining table that she so desired in her home each week (and the welcome feeling they offer!). The solution was to paint large canvasses of flowers – bunches and bunches of flowers, therefore giving and creating the so desired emotion. The joy that Megan feels for life is reflected in her big, beautiful and colourful canvases.

Megan’s other subject matter is clearly a reflection of her coastal surroundings. Scenes that we all experience capture her attention – drawing the viewer in to focus on and explore the moment. By using both small sketches and photography for her observational studies, Megan will collage the moments together by applying many layers of acrylic paint to the canvas to construct a narrative. Through her paintings, she is able to uplift and transform an environment.

Megan’s paintings, with her perceptive eye and professionalism, have attracted major private and corporate clients.

Megan Barrass is best known for her distinctive floral works and her typically Australian coastal-themed paintings, working with luscious coloured brush strokes of acrylic paint onto large scale canvases.

Her aim is to create artworks with an emotional connection, so others can visually share the passion and optimism.